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Efficiently handle distribution, monitor collection, and streamline settlements with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

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Current Challenges in Distributor Management

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Standard Distributor Management Method

Usually used by small organizations that have
inadequate capital, tech infrastructure and limited
penetration of the internet

Pain Areas:

  • Deciphering unstructured Data gathered through excel, emails & SMS, Physical Reports, etc
  • Lack of real-time & actionable Market Data for decision making
  • Misappropriation of Scheme data by distributors
  • Lack of visibility of performing product & outlet at granular level
  • Target vs Actual non alignment with overall sales plan
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Conventional Distributor Management Method

Conventional Distributor Management System
Distributors use a customised web portal for each brand and maintain
their data individually

Pain Areas:

  • Difficult to install portal based Distributor Management System for distributors dealing with Multiple brands
  • Duplication of work for the Distributor
  • Fresh training required for Distributor
  • Huge Support & license cost
  • Increase in Manpower cost

Ripplr's DMS is here to Rescue

Multi-Brand Approach

Complete Sales Tracking Capability at Secondary level

Better product planning with actual sales insights

Reduced overall sales realisation & processing time

Streamlined sales return and scheme settlements

Faster stock replenishment

Supervision of Distributor/Dealer

Minimal change management as distributors work on their existing Tally

Seamless visibility of products movement across channels

What We Provide

Onboarding Management

  • Brand Onboarding
  • Supplier Onboarding
  • Warehouse Onboarding
  • Store Onboarding (Web, Excel Upload and Salesman App)

Product & Scheme Management

  • Product Management
  • Price Management
  • Special Rate Card Management
  • Scheme Management

Last Mile Management

  • Vehicle Dispatch Process
  • Delivery App (Delivered, Partial Delivery, Order Cancellation, Delivery Attempt, Payment Collections)
  • Delivery Return Management

Access Control Management

  • User group creation with view, create, edit, and delete permissions for each module.
  • User Management

Master Data Management

  • HSN and Tax
  • Sales Beat Management
  • Store Category
  • Product Category

Purchase Management

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Goods Receive Note Management
  • Purchase Return Management
  • Debit Note management

Payment Management

  • Payment Collections
  • Outstanding
  • Payment Settlement

Uploads & Downloads Management

  • Most of the basic report download options available to run day to day operations
  • Most of the Modules have Upload functionality

More Great
Benefits of DMS to Distributors


Know availability of stock at warehouse


Automated alerts to stock outs


Ideal stocking based on sale patterns


Information on in-transit stock and delivery date


Quicker processing of claims


Eliminate needs of shipping paper bill

More Connectivity Makes Life Easier.

We have merged apps that serves for different reason into a single app and it serves different purpose based on login credentials.

Delivery Application

One application that helps in simplifying operation by helping in delivery and doing collection against it instantly and maintaining the history of all activities.

Salesman Application

One application that helps in simplifying operation by helping in collection the history of all activities.

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